Itt az újabb magic! Még a héten lecsekkolom, de most legyen elég egy screenshot és egy videó Mark Shuttleworth-től.

This is the HUD. It’s a way for you to express your intent and have the application respond appropriately. We think of it as “beyond interface”, it’s the “intenterface”. This concept of “intent-driven interface” has been a primary theme of our work in the Unity shell, with dash search as a first class experience pioneered in Unity. Now we are bringing the same vision to the application, in a way which is completely compatible with existing applications and menus.

Mark Shuttleworth » Introducing the HUD. Say hello to the future of the menu.

Nem tudom, hogy sírjak-e vagy nevessek, mindenesetre egy 720p-s videónak jobban örültem volna.

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